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“I get the benefits of personalized marketing without sustaining the cost of hiring the small army it would take to do it manually. It feels like I truly have a business partner in Frederick!”

- Elisa, Blue Heron Wellness

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* Data reflects year-over-year sales growth for Frederick subscribers as compared to non-Frederick subscribers on the Booker platform as of March 31, 2018.

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Get Customer Referrals

Prompt happy clients to give positive reviews and easily reward them for referring friends and family.

Frederick collects more than 1 million customer reviews annually for businesses around the world.

Our customers generate 5x the cost of their monthly subscription in bookings driven by Frederick.

Frederick subscribers grow twice as fast as businesses without Frederick.*


Frederick knows when to send email and text campaigns to keep customers coming back.

Reconnect with customers you haven’t seen in a while using email and text message promotional offers that bring them back in.

Rescue Lost Customers

Build Loyalty

Encourage drop-ins to buy packages and keep clients coming back with personalized reminders and email and text promotions.

Start Growing Your Business