Introducing Custom Automations and Drip Campaigns

“I get the benefits of personalized marketing without sustaining the cost of hiring the small army it would take to do it manually. It feels like I truly have a business partner in Frederick!”

- Elisa, Blue Heron Wellness

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Improved Targeting and Automated Drip Campaign Marketing for Spas & Salons

Seamless Integration

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Target the right customers.

Smart lists allow you to create custom campaigns based on any data Frederick knows about your contacts, and it’ll auto update with matching contacts based on criteria you set. Purchase/visit history, customer reviews, upcoming birthday, email click-throughs and more… you name it, you can build a list that works for you.

Control how your campaigns look and what they say.

Control more of the look, copy, content, & design of your campaigns. With a completely integrated email editor and access to a growing library customizable templates, you can create campaigns that align more with your branding.

Set and Forget.

Drip campaigns can be setup to automatically send to contacts that are in selected list. Build campaigns to encourage loyalty with custom rewards, send personalized birthday wishes or upsell new customers with package or membership offerings at the perfect time - the possibilities are endless!

Frederick collects more than 1 million customer reviews annually for businesses around the world.

Our customers generate 5x the cost of their monthly subscription in bookings driven by Frederick.

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As the leading automated marketing software for spas and salons, we have added new Smart Lists and Drip Campaigns features that will help you better customize and target your marketing efforts. The best part? It requires little-to-no work from you!

Frederick syncs with the contacts, schedule, and customer history in your management software to run smart marketing campaigns tailored to the needs of your business.

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